Ramada Inn Conference Center
1450 S Atherton St
State College, PA

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I found what appeared to be an adult bed bug in my room. This was not confirmed because I immediately evacuated my room. Prior to finding that bug I saw multiple bugs of another type, we found 10 of these within a few minutes which is why when we saw the one that looked like a bed bug we left so quickly. The room was infested with bugs! When I complained to the front desk the clerk seemed agitated with me. Needless to say I demanded a refund and I was given one. We decided to relocate to a di

fferent hotel instead of allowing them relocate us to a different room. There was also mold throughout the bathroom and the room was very dirty and noisy from an old heater.

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4-21-14 Found a bed bug on my pillow in the morning in room 147. Confirmed by pest control. The technician did not find any more, however one was enough to confirm their presence.

I stayed at this hotel on October 18 & 19th 2013. My room had bed bugs except I didn't know what they were. They climbed the walls and looked nothing like the tick shaped bug I've see on tv. Needless to say Hunter the Front Desk Manager showed horror on his face when I turned it in. He comp'd my room and told me it looked like an adult bed bug to him but he would call the hotel exterminator, Parks Extermination. Later that day I met Mr. Parks who was very helpful telling me how to treat my i

tems when I got home to TRY to prevent the bugs coming into my house. I've done everything he advised me to and still have little peace of mind. I was told by a local exterminator it could take 4-6 months to see an infestation....or not in my house but weekly I'm to rip my house apart to check for them. I find this completely ridiculous and have asked the hotel to be proactive and pay to exterminate my house and car. As of today, 10/31/2013 Mr. Joesph Thomas, General Manager of the Ramanda Inn responded to my request telling me he feels the hotel has done enough. They didn't charge me for the room and offered me education opportunity from their exterminator. Really.....are you freaking kidding me? I've contacted a bed bug attorney and will continue to pursue reimbursements for the thousands of out of pocket expenses I will occur. Do yourself a huge favor and stay somewhere else if visiting State College.

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Stayed at this hotel with a group Oct 2013. One room was confirmed with a bed bug infestation. Hotel was not very accomidating, they first offered the family a free breakfast seriously...... We drove past hotel later in day after checking out and found the exterminator who was treating another room. He was very kind and helpful in what we should do to protect our house since we had been exposed. However this does not excuse the fact that the hotel was less than accomodating and they have a

bed bug problem!!! Many families had to take time off work to treat everything they had with them to be sure no one took bugs home. The hotel has a problem and does not stand by their guests with farther complications caused by a stay at their facility. This has been two weeks and I am still stressed!!!

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Tell me of any dates & details of any bedbugs reported at this hotel.
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I work at another hotel in the area and we had a large group leave their hotel for ours. Why? Apparently several of their rooms had bed bugs. When they told the Ramada Mangement team they told them to leave their items in the room and they would heat the room to 135 degrees to "kill the bed bugs". For anyone who has experienced bed bugs, we know that heat is an effective way to rid yourself of these pesky pests. However, the type of heat and the method in which the heat is dispersed is of im


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