Days Inn Scranton
1946 Scranton Carbondale Hwy
Scranton, PA

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Stayed here mid July 2015, woke up feeling like I was getting bit. My son and I were an itchy mess! Had to check out. Told the owner, who was nice about it, but of course it was beyond repair by that point. Gross.

I was staying at that hotel on Saturday May 2, 2015 to Sunday May, 3rd 2015 visiting from Michigan. I stayed in room number 220. The room was disgusting! I woke up Sunday morning around 3am to my whole right arm covered in bites! I played back down and felt something crawling on my pillow come to find out it was a bed bug!! I grabbed it and put it on a ziploc bag and took it to the front desk and showed the man my arm and what I had found. All he had to say was I'm sorry and my manager will be i

n at 7am! As I sat there in the room freaked out about the situation I saw another one crawling on the wall. I was so freaked out I couldnt sleep. It was 7am and we already had our stuff packed ready to check out. I went to the front desk where the manager and man I reported it to earlier on. I then showed her my arm and pictures that I had took of the room. All she could do was apologize and kept saying that they had never had any problems like this in the past which obviously is a lie! I have over 21 bites on my arms and legs! This hotel needs to be shut down!!!

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We were on 12/28/13 for snowboarding and I found out the next day I had so many bug bite on my two legs and 2 arms plus my fingers and in terrible itching and painful.
And yesterday I couldn't sleep for the itchiness.
Please, let me know where I can put the complaints for this matter, I don't want somebody else get this terrible situation again, and I want to put the days inn hotel on bed bug control.

Feb. 22-24th. I was in room 210. I was visiting some friends in the area and Saturday morning I woke up with 3 bites on my lower back area. I ALWAYS check the bed when I get a hotel room. But apparently I must've missed some. I've had experiences with bed bugs before b/c of a crappy motel in State College, PA. So they looked and felt like bed bug bites. I checked the bedding again and it looked good. I switched beds for the following night. Sunday morning around 6am I felt something cra

wling up my leg and it was a bed bug. I lifted the sheets and at the bottom of the mattress I found about 10 bugs in a little cluster running around. I smashed one and took it to the front desk and complained and they said, "Sorry..they'll look into it, but they can't do anything until their manager comes in." So, needless to say I didn't get my money back and they didn't seem like it was a big deal. If one room has them in, they probably all do. They spread like wildfire. I'm just hoping I didn't bring any home. Everything that was in the room was washed with hot water and I threw my own pillow away, my suitcase is currently on the porch in freezing weather, so hopefully that may do something if they are hiding in there.

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Im a subcontractor working on the nearby K-Mart i was sleeping in room number 311 and the other workers 309 and 308 etc.I woke up had many red bites on me and then looked on the bed and seen many bugs.the other worker was taken to the hostpital where he also took the bug with him and they took it to the lab. They said they would notify the health department because they never seen any bed bug that big before and because hotels not supposed to have bed bugs.the managment is indian owned and they

treated us real bad.

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