Clarion Hotel Scranton
300 Meadow Ave
Scranton, PA

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09/21/2013 Room 422
I stayed in this hotel for 2 nights, in 3 rooms- 408, 422, 425. I had switched to 422, after 423 had a peculiar strong odor. Besides being really dirty, including mold on ceiling in shower area, and mold in water reservoir of coffee maker, dirty carpet- the worst- my daughter, staying with me in Room 422, woke up with bedbug bites on her thigh. I immediately inspected the mattress and bedspring- and the fabric of the bedspring was partially ripped at the edge- most likely fr

om a bedbug treatment. I have experience, unfortunately, having brought bedbugs home 3 years ago, so I know what to look for. I made the hotel aware- asked for a manager, was told, there is no manager on duty. I have since sent several e-mails- absolutely NO RESPONSE from management!!! Staff at front desk was friendly, and shocked by the photo I showed them of the bites. I hope I did not bring any back home- I washed and sterilized clothing- and all bags are wrapped tightly in plastic for 6 weeks. I can only warn travelers- since there is no response from management- who knows if they have taken steps. Sleep here at your own risk.

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I stayed at this hotel in October 2011. This was the last hotel stay of a 10 day vacation. I had researched the other hotels that we stayed at prior to arriving so I know there were no problems at those particular places. Being in the hotel industry I am aware of the bedbug situation and did inspect the bed and linens upon arrival in our room. I did not see any signs of anything in the bedroom. I did not sleep in the bed. I slept on the pull out couch. About a week after arriving home I b

roke out in what I thought was a rash due to some new medication that my dr had put me on. The rash never went away and itched horribly at night. Upon further examination I found 100's of bites on my thighs, calves and arms, by back and derrier. We did not take anything in the room except what we would need for that particular night so I know I did not carry any home. To this day,6 mos later, I cannot get rid of these bites. They are much worse at night and after my shower. It itch constantly and have many scars on my legs and arms from them. This was one of the worst hotels I have stayed in. The room was not clean, the wallpaper was falling off the walls, the covebase was coming off, the track to the closet door was filthy and there were crumbs on the floor which did not look like it had even been swept. I should have asked to be moved to another room, but after a long day of travel all I wanted to do was go to sleep. I am sorry now that I stayed here and wish I knew what to do about these bug bites. They are horrible.

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I recently stayed for a visit at the Clarion Hotel the week ending of 10-22-10. After leaving the hotel, I was very itchy and noticed red bumps all over my body. I went to my physician and was informed that the bumps were in fact beg bug bites. The Clarion was the only place I have stayed in years other than my home. I did not have the red bumps before staying there.

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