Great Wolf Lodge
611 Scotrun Ave
Scotrun, PA

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Stayed at Great Wolf Lodge 11/22-11/25. My sister was awaken by a bug bite that woke me up and as I’m up speaking to her I look over at my bed and find a bug there. They were supposed to be sending me a report but since I haven’t received it I’ll be contacting the health department on my own.

A woman and her family were staying at Great Wolf this past weekend. Son woke up with bites. The way they reportedly treated this family was disgusting. They had two young children, no clothing because of the incident, no diapers, and the managers at GWL made them leave the premises wearing thin pajamas(children included) because the woman was upset and communicating her concerns. Left out in the cold because they had bedbugs. I will NEVER visit. Not only because of the multiple bedbug reports,

but because of the lack of customer service. They even "reduced" their bill, but still made them pay fees. Deplorable.

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Stayed just one night, Sept 22, and both my son and I woke up with bites. They are eating my son alive!! I didn't realize what they were until we were home, so we brought them with us. UGH. I called GWL right away (3 days later), they took a message and no call back. Am going to keep trying, between laundry loads.

Definitely bedbugs, DEFINITELY got them here. No question whatsoever. Will never go here again. Son is so upset that even he doesn't want to go back and it's his favorite place in

the world. Or was up until last week.

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Stayed over Memorial Day weekend 2013 and woke up the first morning to find BEDBUGS. Yuck. Freaked out and management moved us to another room and comped us one night (not the full stay). Now I'm scared of staying at any hotel!

took my daughters here April 2-3, my youngest one has bed bug bites all over her leg, have not seen any at home yet but in process of treating to be on the safe side.

December 15, 2012 my daughter went with a few friends and one of the moms for one night. One of the girls had bites on her face (3) and on her leg (3 bites). Her mom immediately spoke to the manager and refunded her without any questions...that was not the point. Shows me that he knew there were bed bugs in the room and rented it!!! A REAL problem there!!!!!!!!!!!! Beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My friend went for 2 nights and after her 1st night housekeeping left her a message that she needed
To change rooms b/c they had to investigate a " pest". They didnt tell her until the next day that it was infested with bed bugs!!!' Do Not Go there!!!

We stayed for about half a week in August of 2011. About one month later I had bed bugs! I do not know if they came from here or not as we stayed in one other hotel for one night in August. It was a nightmare. We had to get rid of the entire bed, have an exterminator come out, throw away clothes and other items that could not be put in the dryer for heat treatments. I am still trying to recover from this. I am still putting items through the dryer when I have time such as photo albums and

such. It was horrible! We thought it came from here as the housekeeping was not good, but I do not know if it was from here or the other hotel, which DOES have a bed bug record. I wanted to say something, though, just in case.

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