Super 8 Pittston
307 Highway 315
Pittston, PA 18640-3907

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Stay: Aug 9th & 10th 2012

Just the overall condition of this hotel and our room was gross. We had booked 3 nights. We were in town for a 3-day music festival, so we really weren't going to be in the room a lot, just to sleep for the nights. We had a room with 2 double beds. Upon arrival we did a quick check over of the beds, pulled back the sheets, lifted the mattress, checked around the headboard, etc, and didn't see any signs... but these bugs are sneaky. Our first night we didn't see

anything, granted we weren't in the room long, basically we got up early and left. The next morning we woke up to a large bedbug on the bed my wife, our 6 month old daughter and myself were sharing. I folded the sheet over it and squished it and it left a very large blood splatter. At this time, our friend who was using the other bed found another nice size begbug crawling aross her sheet. I didn't kill that one, I placed a bottle cap over it and immediately we went to the front desk and complained. The man at the front desk did not seem surprised at all. He said he would come to the room in just a moment. At that point we cancelled our next night stay and booked another room 20 minutes down the interstate. After about 25 minutes the desk clerk finally showed up as we were leaving. We demanded to see the manager for a refund for the previous night stay, and got the old "the manager is out of town for a week." We got a business card and left.

Waiting a week we called the hotel back, and asked for the manager. "The manager is out of town."

We are in the process of contacting Super 8 Corporate to see what happens.

The staff here knows about the bedbug problem, and absolutely do not care. Avoid this place at all costs.

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We stayed here on sat 5/28 as it was the only motel with a vacancy in town for the holiday weekend. Despite some serious reservations about the nasty condition of the room and motel itself we figured we are just sleeping one night and that it would be too hard to find something else. Bad idea. When my wife awoke the next morning she saw a bug walking across the bed spread and when I killed it I saw a blood splatter and I pretty much knew what we were dealing with. Pictures I took later confirmed

that this was indeed a bedbug. We were out within 20 minutes and hopefully none of these nasty creatures managed to hitch a ride with us. Despite our hopes we will remain vigilant in case some made it home.

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