Springhill Suites Pittsburgh Bakery Square
134 Bakery Square Blvd
Pittsburgh, PA

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My husband and son stayed in this hotel April 6-7, 2019 and didn't arrive until midnight. They got up to the room and found a bug in one of the beds. They immediately went downstairs and told the staff. The staff offered to find them a room in another hotel but couldn't. They did not offer to come up and clean up the bug or clean or change the sheets. My husband and son had no choice at now 1:30am and went back up to the room, zipped up their bags and put them up off the floor and slept in

the room. I called the manager of the hotel the next day and told him the situation. I sent him a pic of the bug and he confirmed it was a bed bug. He refunded the cost of the room and gave me additional points. He said he had an infestation team coming that day and he would send me the report which he would get the same day. I have contacted him twice since that time asking him for the report which he still hasn't sent and hasn't responded to me at all. My son now has bites in five locations on his body and I am extremely worried that I will end up with an infestation in my home.

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