Comfort Inn Banksvile Road
2898 Banksville Rd
Pittsburgh, PA

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I previously submitted a report on 05/02/'s an update. I filed a formal complaint through the corporate office in which the facility had 72 hours to respond. The Banksville Rd. location never responded, so I contacted corporate again as instructed. Supposedly the Banksville Rd. location sent me a personal apology via is the irony...I nor corporate ever provided them with our e-mail address. I called Comfort Suites on Banksville Rd personally and asked them how they got

my e-mail address, what was my e-mail address they used, and what did the message state. Not surprised, they could not provide me with any of that info, since they finally admitted that they never had my e-mail address to begin with. What a shady and disgusting facility. However, I will complement the fact that corporate did their best to apologize and did compensate us for part of our stay. Thank you corporate!

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We stayed at the Comfort Suites from April 23 to April 25 2011. We should have read reviews prior to our visit. We too experienced the bed bug situration between the sheets which again was not surprise to staff. They said they would reimburse our credit card company, but they haven't contacted our CC company yet. I am now pursueing a formal complaing through the corporate office of Comfort Suites for this disgusting and health impaired facility.

Wish I'd known about this site before now! On Dec 1,2010, we checked into COUNRY INN AND SUITES on Banksville, Rd, PIttsburgh, staying 2-3 nights, and found no bedbugs in room 501; so we made reservations for another visit on Dec 25, 2010 on a return visit to relatives. I have been leery about bedbugs in motels/hotels from reports on the news, so I always check under the mattress. I noticed on the first visit, upon checking underneath the mattress that there was no obvious infestation. On De

c 25th, upon arrival to the same room, I checked underneath the mattress and under the sheets again, not seeing anything to worry about, but made mental note that the material mattress cover which had covered the mattress on the previous visit had been either removed or replaced by a plastic cover. I should have been warned by this change. In the morning, I found a bed bug crawling along the top mattress near the pillows, took a good look at it, and killed it, causing a bloody smear on the sheets. When I told the woman at the desk, she was defensive in her response, saying, "All hotels and motels have them, even the Waldorf Astoria". Then she told me she would not charge me the tax on the room. The bedspreads in the Country Inn and Suites are dark, and it is very difficult to see bugs on that. We will not be staying at Country Inn and Suites in the future.

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We checked into room 418 on 10/1/2010, but did not notice any bedbugs until the last night of our stay - early in the morning. They were crawling on the bed near the pillows. I went down to the front desk and told the woman on duty, and she said she would notify the next shift to adjust our bill. When we checked out, we told the person on duty there were bedbugs in our room and we were told we would get a rate adjustment. They told us they were not authorized to do that. We told them we

would be reporting this incident, but they did not seem concerned. Now we are home and have the job of going through every item we had with us in the room before we bring it into our home. From reading the other complaints, it seems the bugs are not confined to a certain area of this hotel but all over. If you are thinking of staying at this place, think again! At least until they take care of this problem.

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We checked into romm 411 on 9/11/2010 and woke up at 1:30 am crawling with bugs! We called the front desk to report the problem and they offered another room - we opted to check out. We killed 10 bugs on the sheets and pillows leaving blood stains on both. The bugs were crawling all over the outside and inside of the pillow cases, sheets and blankets - even on the walls. Our bill was ready when got to the front desk and there was no charge. We had caught 15 bed bugs in a plastic cup and gave the

m to the front desk when we checked out. They did not seem surprised. We have stayed at this hotel over the past several years and this is the first time we have encountered bed bugs. It will be a very long time, if ever, before we return!

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I wish I would have known about this sight before we stayed at the this hotel on September 4th, 2010. We stayed in room 517 and the bed was infested. When I reported it to the front desk they apologized and took tax off my room and said they have a process for the room. I think this hotel needs shut down for a couple days and completely exterminated.

On July 29th we unfortunately stayed at this god-awful place. In room 331 we encountered numerous bed bugs all over the room--on the beds on the wall and even on the floor. It was a traumatic experience. The person at the front desk did not seem surprised (we left the location for a room at the Embassy Suites in the middle of the night), and neither did the property manager when we called the next morning. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pass the word on this.

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