The Westin Philadelphia
99 S 17th St
Philadelphia, PA

Found 3 reports:

I stayed here for one night on April 22, 2019 and started to notice several spots throughout the course of the next day. I ended up at MedExpress on 4/25 because 3 bites on my foot were causing swelling. It was the doctor at MedExpress who informed me the bites were bed bug bites. I had over 20 bites on me, and they were clustered which apparently is typical of how bed bug bites appear. Called hotel today and left message with manager to notify them.

They need to take the rooms on each side of it and below and about out of service too to exterminate.

11/30/12. Went home with several bed bug bites after two nights. The hotel has taken the report seriously and taken the room out of service so they can exterminate. I know I did not bring them to the hotel, since I live in a part of Florida where bed bugs are not an issue.

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