Renaissance Philadelphia Airport
500 Stevens Dr
Philadelphia, PA 19113-1610

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I made sure I checked the room thoroughly upon reading some of the other reports. It appears that at some point the rooms may have been exterminated and new mattresses & boxsprings installed. Couldn't find anything moving or any blood stains. These mattresses have dated check stickers at three month intervals. I did find the exoskeleton of some type of tiny bug clinging to the bottom of one of the headboards but it looks like it's been there a while. Will update if anything changes.

Hi. I'm a Flight Attendant. Both myself and the Flight Attendant in the room next door to me found a bed bug crawling on top of the bed. I called the front desk and they sent someone from security with a key to the new room (10/2/13). I showed the person from security to be sure it was a bed bug and he assured me that it was. The next morning, the General Mgr. suggested that I may have brought it in. The following day the GM (Chris Phillips) left me a voice mail saying that they checked bot

h rooms and there were no bed bugs and that I may have seen a spider. Also when I said that security did not seem surprised the GM made another excuse. The GM took no responsibility and planned to do nothing to remedy the situation.

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Checked in Friday Nov. 11th 2011. When we got to our room we pulled back the sheets and saw blood stains, so we lifted the mattress and saw a bed bug moving across the box spring.

Called the management and they moved us to a new room.

A coworker found bedbugs in this hotel. I was in the hotel as well. He asked to change rooms. He changed rooms and found a bedbug in that room as well. He even took a picture of it.

4/11/2011 - 4/15/2011

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