Omni Hotel-Independence Park
401 Chestnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19106-2425

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I spent a night here and loved it. Yet when I got home there were a series of bites on my body. Researching online they are definitely bed bug bites. I guess there were bed bugs and we did not notice till the appearance of these bites later.

Monday, August 15, 2011

We found what appeared to be a bedbug on a towel in the bathroom. At first we thought it was a tick, but looked up photos online of both ticks and bedbugs and visually confirmed it was a bedbug. We squished it and flushed it down the sink. Thinking back on the situation, it would have been helpful to trap it under a glass for management to see.

We searched the rest of the room (and under the bed) and didn't find any other evidence of bedbugs. Also, we had stayed

there for three nights without bites or other sightings.

We brought the experience to management's attention. They were cooperative and assured us that the hotel staff had excellent protocols for cleaning the room. Nevertheless, we were told that it was "impossible" that we saw a bedbug, and it seems important to share our experience via this site.

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