Marriott Philadelphia Downtown
1201 Market St
Philadelphia, PA

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Stayed in room 4417 on the 4th floor in the Headhouse Tower next to the elevator on the night of Saturday, November 8. Bedbugs found on wall and on comforter. Lots of itchiness the next morning.

Stayed at this hotel 1/10/14. Stayed in room 978...Came home with bites. Enough said.

Stayed here Aug 2013 room 1759 and came home after a 4 day stay to find 3 small bites on my arm. a couple days after multiple bites in rows up and down the front and back of my arms and on my wrists started show up.

11/22-11/24 room 2016 bed bugs spotted by housekeeping. Security personnel seemed confused why we were in the room on 11/24. Curious if the person prior to us reported bed bugs? Any one please in this room prior or surrounding rooms please report here. After security made 4 trips to our room asking if we were suppose to be in the room and didn't explain why, finally told us we had to move because of a bug reported. We were not told what kind of bug was reported. Not until we got home were we ca

lled by the hotel claims personnel questioning what happened did they confirm a bed bug report. No precautions were made in moving our belongings to a new room after 3 days in the room. We were insulted with the one night compensation. After moving to new room found bites under my arm. Concerned about bringing the bug in our car, luggage with belongings and now our home. Disgusted with how it was handled with lack of precautions, and whether we were placed in the room when we shouldn't have been by what the security questioned with us being in there.

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11/22/2012. Found about 5 hotel confirmed bedbugs. Management handled but many errors to clean our belongings. Possibility of cross contamination was a very viable problem. All belongings were not collected. Hotel comped rooms and all hotel expenses. Air mattress destroyed but will be replaced by hotel. No bites to this point. This was confirmed by a pest control company. Rooms. 1137 and all rooms around to be treated. Will stay here again. And to the idiot who said we brought them, never had

a bite before.

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In room 2263 3 nights from 16th to 19th May 2012
Bites on first night on chest and back noticed when they began to itch on the evening of the 17th. Wore shirt and trousers to bed next night. 3 new bites left ankle and 3 on right hand. Small but intensely itchy. For final night added 2 pairs of socks and examination gloves purchased from adjacent CVS. No new bites. Itchiness fading by 22 May but bites still visible. Examined mattress carefully. No bugs seen. And despite the slurs of Platinumelit

e1 against the other complainants, I did NOT bring these bugs with me from home.

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I have stayed at this hotel numerous times and never had bed bugs. If you had bed bugs, you probably brought them with you. Very clean rooms and great beds. I never want to get up!

Was staying in Room 1958 for a conference July 13th-16, 2011. Woke up with bugs crawling up my leg. Immediately jumped out of bed and smashed the bugs. They exploded, blood from these bugs went everywhere. Called the front desk (which to FOREVER) to answer. They sent security to my room. Kicked me out of my room, changed codes to the door. I had no access to any of my personal belongings all day. That evening was moved to another room. Dealt with 2 different managers, neither of which w

ere helpful. Kept telling me that they'd call (even said they did call me on a few occassions - but NEVER actually called). Keep telling me that were going to call EcoLab to "investigate" and they'd get back to me. It's been two weeks, and I STILL haven't heard anything from them. They were NOT accomodating, and quite frankly were very rude about the whole matter.... stated at one point that they were upset with me because now there was blood on their mattress (although they had nothing to say about the fact that there was no mattress pad on this bed!)

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My daughter was on her 8th grade East Coast tour and stayed here in March, 2008. I had to escort another child to this trip, so caught up to the tour here. My daughter had about 6-8 bites on her leg. We reported it afterward. The hotel made a minimal response. We never heard the resolution of their investigation, if they did one.

July 14-23, 2010 - Stayed in room 2280 for 10 days, 9 nights for a convention. Didn't notice any bugs while I was there, however on the morning of July 23rd, I found a few bites on my legs. While I was driving home to Baltimore, I started noticing more and more bites. By the end of Friday night, my arms were covered and I noticed several on my legs and face and they were itching horribly. I've counted approximately 158 bites.

I've read that once you are bitten the bites can have a lag p

eriod of up to 9 days. I'm thinking that I was getting bitten my entire stay, I just didn't notice them until Friday.

I am hoping that I haven't brought any home with me!!

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I stayed at the downtown Marriott on Friday, June 11th...I cannot remember which room # I was in...I think it was 2022. I did not see any bugs but when I returned home to Baltimore on Saturday I had 4 itchy welts on my lower back all in a row. I just really hope I did not bring any of them home with me. I haven't had any new bites show up yet so hopefully that's a good sign.

I would be interested in contacting everyone else who experienced bed bugs at the Marriott Downtown. How do I go about doing this?

Young traveler, first solo trip at hotel out of town. July 3-5, 2009 in Room 833. Some bugs on bed at 3:45 a.m. (07/05) and a few on outside of suitcase. Cleaned/shook out personal items for an hour then called Front Desk at 4:40 a.m. to report. (On cell phone speaker-call with family member for advice during these activities.) Hotel Staff arrived within minutes to investigate. Asked about bites, etc. and then moved to a different room several floors up (15th floor) for remaining few hours until

checkout. No bites to report, thankfully. At checkout time (8:00 a.m.) points/credit was applied to bill.

Next day (07/06) received call at home from Corporate Offices to inquire about situation. Was advised that room was being sanitized by professional company & room furnishings would be incinerated for safety. Two days later (07/08) a letter from hotel arrived also advising that problem was being handled and asking that hotel be informed if there were any questions or developments. Hotel's response was prompt and efficient; don't know what else they should've done prior to incident.

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I have recently found that I have bedbugs in my home. After adding up the timeline with my PCO, I have come to the conclusion that I took them home from the Marriott Center City Philadelphia during my stay on 2/21/2009. I have invested countless hours over the last week and a half, done everything I've been told, rid myself of most of my belongings, gone through one exterminator treatment (with two more scheduled), yet I woke up to find two more in my bed last night. This is beyond daunting.

I don't know what to do next.

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room 1979 i am a gold memebr with them.. i e mailed the hotel on Wednesday the 28th and so far no answer. ( only been 2 days). my right side stomach has many bites and it itches badly. this is my first complaint ever as a marriott member.

We stayed in room 886 from September 24 through September 27. After the second night I noticed three welts in a row on my shoulder. The next night I noticed a few more and yet more the night after. On the way home I noticed intense itching, particularly on my hands and arms, and for the next two days dealt with a fairly severe allergic reaction with hands, wrists, and lips swelling up. I contacted the hotel who said they would investigate and get back to me. They never did.

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