Loews Philadelphia Hotel
1200 Market St
Philadelphia, PA

Found 7 reports:

8.9.15 @ room 1204. I got bite twice on my stomach area and my husband on his arm.

5 bites for one person (resulting in painful red welts), and bites around the ankle with itchiness for the second person. Room 1217. Reported to the management after check out, and security prepared a report for the executive management, and the room was quarantined.

Just stayed here. Had bed bug in room. Found on night table.
Moved room and had clothes cleaned.

Woke up 3am with a bite. Turned on lights and found 2 bedbugs on the other bed in the room.

I stayed at the Lowes hotel this week and had a horrible confirmed bedbug infestation. horrible. 3/7/2012

3/8/2011... I flipped over my pillow & found a bed shell.

1 bed bug crawled across my duvet

No nearby bug reports