Hilton Philadelphia Airport
4509 Island Ave
Philadelphia, PA

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11/192015 I recently stayed at this hotel 2 weeks ago and there were no issues. So I booked again. Day 3 I am covered in bites! I travel regularly with work and I'm disgusted!

Covered in bites. I did look over the mattress but apparently not good enough. Rm 330

Woke up with multiple bed bug bites.
Room 628 on the Hilton Honors floor.
Management did nothing.

August 2013 - Confirmed case, confirmed by a hotel employee. Others also had problems and the hotel management handled this very poorly!

For clarity, I did NOT get bitten by bedbugs at this hotel.

However, when bites showed up after I stayed there (they can take up to 9 days to appear), I called the hotels where I'd stayed on my trip to ask them to investigate the rooms I was in.

I called three times and each time was told that someone, either in maintenance or cleaning, would investigate the room for evidence and call me back. I never received a call back, and in my following call there was never any sign that I had called

previously about the issue. As far as I know, they have still not checked the room.

One of the cheap hostels I stayed at prior to the Hilton was responsive and I now know that the problem came from there. Still, considering this is not the Hilton's first incident--not surprising, as an airport hotel--their lack of responsiveness was appalling. I would expect better service at an American Hilton than at an Eastern European youth hostel. As far as I know, I could have brought the bugs in with me.

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My daughter and I missed connections due to snow, and forced to overnight in Philidelphia, prior to leaving the US on 12/16/2010 for the Holidays. Due to a very early AM flight, "bug bites" and their incredible itch weren't the first thing attended to at 5:00AM pre-flight, but for the remainder of the 11 hours of travel and beyond I can attest to thier discomfort!
The hotel staff were wonderful and couldn't have been more accomidating, and it's really unfortunate, but it sure appears

that they have a real problem.

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I am a very frequent traveler and stay at this hotel very often. I happened to see these repots while I was staying here last Thursday night. Once I saw these reports, it literally freaked me out. I searched all through the hotel room- under the bed- mattress, boxsprings, sheets, everywhere. I even removed the headboard to inspect behind this. Fortunately everything was as clean as could be. However, I was so disturbed after reading these reports that I could not sleep, and tossed and turn

ed all night with the light on. This is no way to spend a night! It's not the hotel's fault, and I do want to compliment them, as I have always found the staff to be very courteous and helpful. But I'm not sure if I can stay at any hotel that has had this many complaints. It's just a very scary thought to think of taking these critters home with me to my family. And all the reports show that the hotel chains do not own up to that part of the responsibility.
Not sure where I'm going to stay in the future when I'm in town. I'm just very concerned about this problem. Fortunately this room was 100% clean on this night.

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I woke up, covered in bed bug bites on Sep 28, 2010. I was in room 541. The hotel states that they could find no evidence of such, but I do not believe them, given the prior reports of bed bugs. My legs , arms, and hands are covered in red itchy welts.

On behalf of the entire staff here at the Hilton Philadelphia Airport please accept our apologies for your less than satisfactory stay. Bed bugs are a very serious issue in the hospitality business and i can assure you we do not take these comments lightly.
If a guest notifies us of a possible bed bug incident we immediately seal off the guest room along with the adjacent rooms. A professional exterminator will then examine the rooms to verify if we do indeed have a bedbug problem. If there

is evidence of the bugs the room is then treated and the entire bedding set,including the mattress and box spring are disposed of. Once the room is cleared of the problem new bedding is installed.
We have trained our Housekeeping staff to be aware of identifying any potential problem and all rooms are inspected on a daily basis.
We encourage our potential guests to contact us if they wish to discuss details of our program further.

Martin Faye
General Manager

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I was attacked by them on Thursday night (August 19, 2010)(on the HHonors floor no less) - I must be allergic to them as they are swollen and incredibly itchy. I'm a Hilton Diamond and haven't received a response to my email on it.


There are bites all over my legs! Room 603, king non-smoking room. Cheap but costly in the end!

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