Hilton Garden Inn Philadelphia
1100 Arch St
Philadelphia, PA

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Within minutes of entering room on 9th floor saw a bedbug crawling up wall by bathtub. I put it in a cup, took pictures then went to Management. Management took it to the hotel "Engineer". The "Engineer" went into a room, looked at it, came out walked along side of us and directed the Manager into another room. The Manager came out and said it was a dust mite. This was a oval shaped, flat type bug that looked like a young bedbug by all the pictures available for anyone to see online. I laughed

when he said it was a dust mite. It's almost impossible to see a dust mite. They changed our rooms and offered to clean our clothes. The following day when we asked about our clothes, they instructed us to wash our clothes in the washer available on floor 9 and they would reimburse us. You cannot wash leather coats in a washer. Washers on 2 floors had "out of order" signs. It took a week and significant cost to wash and clean all of our clothing from this stay. I still have the pictures.

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the response that claims bedbugs do not bite your face,neck,arms is WRONG. They DO bite face,neck, arms and not just torso. NBC did a report that provided these facts.

Bed bugs bite only on your torso and are nocturnal. So bites on your face, arms and neck are not consistent with bed bugs. These bugs are brought in by guest who go to hotels and are not there because hotels are unclean. I think many people over react. Maybe this was a reaction to the soaps used in the washing of the linen that differed from your home laundry. People now adays overreact and "scream wolf" unneccesarily.

I stayed at the hotel from 6/24/12-6/28/12 for a conference. I arrived on Sunday. I noticed some small bumps on my arm, but didn't think much of it initially. By Wed, I had a reaction to numerous bed bug bite along my arms, next and one side of my face. It has been a week and despite constant applications of Benadryl, I still have very visible bites - over 100 separate bites

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