Hilton Garden Inn-Philadelphia
1100 Arch St
Philadelphia, PA 19107-2956

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Stayed at this location September 27th- October 1st 2013. On our last night I went to get into bed and saw a bug under the sheets. My husband thumped it and it exploded with blood. I got concerned it was a bed bug but wasn't sure. Then the next morning I found another on the bed and caught it and had it in a cup and took pics. This was absolutely a bed bug. Also while waiting for a connecting flight at the airport we found a bed bug crawling on my husbands jacket.

Ha, had to laugh at the previous post. Bedbug freaks like me! I thought I was the only one... lol

Had 3 rooms on 10th floor 1049-50-51 on Saturday April 22,2012
Checked beds for evidence and they were clean although there were mattress covers. Placed glue boards in room we occupied, no activity on them. Guests in all 3 rooms had no evidence of infestation. This include an infant and a toddler. Good experience, hotel was clean for us

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