Embassy Suites Philadelphia Airport
9000 Bartram Ave
Philadelphia, PA

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Wish I had read these posts. Stayed Aug 20, 2013 on the sofa bed couch. AFter check out and on the drive to NY, I started itching profusely around my arms- then the bites bloomed. i had over 20 bites on my arms, neck, head and hands. Am writing them now for reimbursement of walk-in clinic and reimbursement of rewards points. I should have thought something was up when there was no TV in the front room- 109.

August 2013

We stayed here one night. Checked the mattress and couch for bugs and saw nothing. No bites in the morning.

HOWEVER, as we were leaving we saw TWO different bedbug remediation company cars parked outside.

Went home and treated everything that had been in the room with us. Here's hoping we didn't bring home any unwanted guests.

Woke up with bed bug bites on my legs. Looked on the mattress and sure enough there those lil spawn of satanic things. Went to check out and told them why the staff didnt even offer an apology or nothing. Room 257. 7-13-2013

Stayed there in May 2013. Second night there I saw bed bugs crawling on my bedspread. Demanded a room change but could not get into the bed. Slept on couch and what should happen? They checked someone else into my room at 1:45am! Two more nights on the couch and guess what? Paid full price! Won't ever stay at another Embassy Suites again.

I stayed here July 22- 27, 2012. Upon arrival into my room the bug traps should have been an indication of what I was in for this trip. I started to see bugs on the bed. In my meeting the following day a co-worker was literally eaten alive by bed bugs in his room. I was able to have my room changed for the remainder of my business trip after much arguing. My poor co-worker was not so fortunate. They refused to move him and told him the bugs were fleas not bed bugs. We Googled photos of th

e bugs and they are indeed bed bugs!

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April 28th through May 1st
I was on a school band trip. A few days after I started noticing bites on my ankles, but I just thought they were mosquito bites. A few weeks went by and the bites were multiplying. I looked through my bed and what did I find? BEDBUGS. I know that I had to have gotten them there because I brought a blanket with me, plus, we checked my luggage and they were in there, too.

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