Courtyard by Marriott
25 N Juniper St
Philadelphia, PA 19107-3312

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July 11-14, 2012. Checked into room 1523 on Wednesday and on Thursday I had bites on the top of my foot, three in a row, that had not been there the day before.

I searched the mattress and box springs and found small remnants (hard shells)of bugs. I did not check the couch, which I should have done, because I was sitting on it Wednesday. Took the bug shells downstairs and front desk said they would send the pest company to inspect the room. They moved me to another floor. The inspectors gave

room 1523 a clean bill of health, but upon arrival home today I found dead bugs in my cosmetic bag, inside the suitcase, and on clothes.

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Had a great experience at this hotel. No sign of bugs, mattress looked clean and new, had crispy white clean bed sheets with no trace of bugs and slept like a baby. Other bed was the same, clean and bug free and even the cot bed that was provided was clean.

Monday January 31, 2012 I began itching 15 minutes after going to bed. Thought at first it may have been due to strong laundry detergent. Itching primarily on arms and legs which were directly exposed to the sheets.
I was awoken at 3 am by pinching sensations on my legs.
In the morning I found a bite on my arm. However, I did not see any bugs on the sheets. I did not look directly onto the mattress.
The hotel changed my room for the next evening. I did notice another bite on my upper l

I am awaiting to hear back from the hotel from the result of their pest inspection.

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Found bedbug, brought it down to front desk. They had thier pest control company confirm it was a bedbug, and they found others in headboard. They moved me to another room and supposedly have filed a claim with their insurance company who will be contacting me about paying to get my clothing, luggage, etc., "de-bugged" when I get home.

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