Glosser Motor Inn
129 Route 487
Paxinos, PA

Found 2 reports:

I was booked into this hotel for (2) nights 10/5 - 10/6/2012. Upon check-in, I began my standard thorough once-over of the room. Sad to report, it did not take very long at all for the Glosser Motor Inn to fail inspection (badly, I might add) for bed bugs. The room I was given had a serious infestation problem! My 5 minute stay was all it took and I was gone.

Checked in on Wednesday, August 4, 2010. Found bed bugs and wrapped one in a tissue and brought it to the front desk to show the owner of the property. That was the second room I was given because the first room had roaches and I asked to be transferred to another room.

Owner was uncaring to the situation.

No nearby bug reports