Super 8
2815 Old Montoursville Rd
Montoursville, PA 17754-9503

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Stayed here last week one night only to find myself covered in bites at 3am. I left immediately as the room had 4 live bugs in the bed. The health department should really inspect this hotel. The manager denied any problem of bugs but after reading two current instances one would think they would address the issue.

Stayed here June 4-8. I found a few bites but was working outside. I approached the manager and he insisted they have no bed bugs. Went back the following week. I woke up on June 12, with over 40 bites. Blood everywhere. I caught two and left the hotel at 4am. I went back at 8am to see the manager. We inspected the room together and he informed me I brought them in. I have never ever had a encounter with bed bugs. This hotel is full of them. I tossed everything into the garbage

. It has been 5 weeks and I have no sign of them at home. Fortunate for me, I never bring my luggage into the house and my laundry goes directly into the washer. We are now staying at the Comfort Inn, New Columbia and have no issues. We have spoke with other companies that have stayed here and they two have had various encounters.

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Checked into room 212 last night. Immediately before getting comfortable in our room we did a room inspection for bedbugs. Under both bed mattresses there were blood spots and specs (fecal matter). And near the rear of 1 mattress there was a dead bedbug in a blood spot. Also, we found 2 live bedbugs behind the bed on the mattress cover and more under the headboard. Manager refused to believe that our room had them. She went to check the room for herself and denied finding any bedbugs or signs of

them. We found another hotel immediately and were not charged for the room.

One of the worst infestations I have ever seen personally. I want to personally thank this site for giving me the information on what to look for and identify them.

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I booked a one night stay at this location online, a month ago. On Sept 13th I spent the night, only to wake up to a live bedbug crawling down my arm and blood spots covering my sheets and pillow case.
I requested a refund from the manager who told me that I couldn't get one because I booked the trip online and also "that we thought we fixed the problem but I guess not."
I am a home inspector (with a pest inspector on my speed dial) and know what to look for and how they should be "treated." H

e said they are using a spray treatment, which will never work completely. High heat is the only way, but in this town, with all the gas drilling, the hotel is booked every night.
I'm going to call this room tonight just to see if a "guest" answers the phone. Won't they be surprised what I tell them.

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