Hampton Inn
3000 Mosside Blvd
Monroeville, PA

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Spent the weekend in the Monroeville PA hotel. Friday night in a room on the 9th floor and Sunday night in a room on the 2nd floor. Fridays stay was great. I woke up Sunday night feeling really itchy on my hands. I didnt think much of it and went back to sleep. After waking and showering the next morning, I found over 20 bites, that were itchy, swollen, and actually hurt. They were on my arm, leg, back, breast,and finger tip. It has been two days and I feel like more bites are surfacing. The h

otel offered to throw all of my belongings in to the dryer, and refunded me for my stay. I have always had a great experience at this hotel, but after this incident, I will never go back.

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