Rodeway Inn Penn's Woods
2931 Lebanon Rd
Manheim, PA 17545-8717

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On Saturday July 14, 2012 my husband and I checked into the Penns Woods Inn for a one night stay. We checked in in the early afternoon so we could spend the day at Hershey Park. The hotel room Rm#108 was visibly clean. It was an older hotel so not perfect but for the price it did not seem bad. We brought 5 pillows from home and an overnight bag which we brought into the room before heading for Hershey.
That night my husband slept in one bed and I slept in the other since they were on

ly double beds. During the night I was awakened by something crawling on my chest but it was too dark and honestly I was too tired to get up and turn the lights on to see what it was, I assumed it was a spider. I figured since it was in a wooded area that is what the musty smell was as well. When I came out of the shower in the morning I saw a small bug crawling on the comforter in the bed I had slept in. When my husband came back to the room he pulled off the sheets and found another bug in the seem of the bed that I had slept, there was nothing in the bed he slept in. He took the bug up to the office to show them and the immediately reimbursed us for the room. Dan the manager said he would call the owner and the owner stated that he would transfer $200.00 to replace the items we would have to throw away such as the two $40 pillows and three other less expensive pillows and five pillow cases, laundering and replacement of overnight bag. Dan gave us some plastic bags and we put everything in the bags.
When we got to into Lancaster we threw the pillows in a dumpster behind the Bed, Bath and Beyond. We replaced the pillow and went further down the road to Strasburg where we found a laundromat and washed and dried all of our clothes, bought a box of plastic bags to pack the clean clothes in. When we got home there was a message on our phone that Dan looked in the trash looking for our pillows and wanted to know where they were. Unfortunately, we no longer have the pillows my husband told Dan he would hope to hear from the owner, and we have not received a call since that time.
Over the past four to five days I started breaking out in red spots on my arms with a strange pattern of three spots in a row with most of the spots on my right arm. Without much searching on the Internet it was pretty clear that bed bugs tend to bite in lines of three to four bites.
On Sunday July 29, 2012 my husband called the hotel and spoke with Dan and he remembered us. He gave my husband the owners phone number which we called and the owner said he forgot all about it, he didn't know what to do. He said he had to call his boss and my husband said they need to rectify this situation and would expect a phone call with 20 minutes which we never received. Cannot find anywhere to report this and have it taken care of. I called the township, county and state and there is no inspections of hotels.

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