Ramada Inn

Lancaster, PA

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Stayed here for one night (8/20/13)and ended up covered with bed bug bites... I had checked the mattress and sheets and found nothing, but apparently that doesn't work! Found a live bug before checking out and confirmed from pictures online that it was a bed bug. Showed it to the manager when we checked out and she apologized and gave us 50% off our bill. Bites didn't show up until the evening after we checked out, but came out all over my face, arms, hands, chest and were horrible. We were in

room #304. I would stay AWAY from this hotel.

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stayed on 7/16 - 7/20...had mutilples bites. I reported it to the manager because I suspected bed bugs. She mentioned they do no have bed bugs. After seeing the previous comments, that was not true.

Stayed for one night with group of 70+ people. Checked for bed bugs when we got here, but found it in the morning and reported it to the hotel. They apologized.

My son is traveling with his camp. They went into the hotel late at night. Rooms were checked for all 40+ kids. Each room had bed bugs!!! They packed up in the middle of the night and left for another hotel!

One night stay on 06/23/2012. I got 9 bites in the early mOrning and squashed 2 bed bugs on my bed.

A multiple day stay 5/6/12 ended up with bed bug bites all over my body. The bites are confirmed by a physician who stated that the number of bites indicates an INFESTATION.

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