Howard Johnson
2100 Lincoln Hwy E
Lancaster, PA 17602-1110

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This hotel is now called Budget Host Inn and Suites. We checked in on 9/13/2014. Stayed in room 134. Woke up on 9/14/2014 to find bed bugs on bed and blood all over sheets and bugs on the wall. Bites on me and my family. Notified staff who said "sorry its not our fault. we will refund you for the room". Staff not concerned about the issue only stating its not their fault. nothing they can do about. REALLY!!! not their fault. keep your rooms clean!

I never stayed at this motel, thank goodness, but I need to comment about the respondent from Howard Johnson. He sounds like an illiterate derelict. I wouldn't stay there just because of his lackadaisical and highly ignorant response to these complaints. In a condescending tone he said to remember that bed bugs aren't harmful - really? How about the weeks of red welts and intense itching? He thinks that's no big deal? How about people taking bed bugs home in their belongings and infesting

their own homes - that's not harmful? IDIOT!!!!! Hope they go out of business.

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1/30/2011 we had a party of six w 3 rooms found bed bugs in all the rooms visable on the walls and on the back of the head boards..contacted manager he came down looked at them said it was no big deal they stay in one is a big deal..he blew it off like it was was very rude and un concerned w the problem..we went back asked 4 a key to the room we had r ready checked out of and it was all set up ready 4 next guest..we believe they have no intencetoon of taking care of

the problem..rooms 109 107 and 105

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This hotel has had no bed bugs. Bed bugs will not been seen on walls or ceilings, as they hide. No reports of this was given nor any refund given as a result of bed bugs. Remember, bed bugs are not harmful. We maintain daily pest control as a preventative routine to prevent any problems. Our hotel is safe and clean and you should have no worries staying with us!

Bedbugs were found within 2 adjoining rooms. They were not in the bed, but on the walls and ceiling of both rooms. I can't remember the room numbers, as we left as soon as we found them. Hotel staff were notified, ans shown before we left. We got full refunds on both rooms.

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