Split Rock Resort
Lake Harmony, PA

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We visited back in September 2014. We ended up bringing these home with us. I started randomly getting hives even though I have no allergies. Then my children started getting the bites and that's how we found out. Disgusted.

Just stayed there the first week in March 2015. Got hives all over my body. Came home, went to the dermatologist and he diagnosed the skin problem as bed bugs. Never had this happen. I was mortified!

The place was dated, but undergoing a lobby renovation. I just never thought that it was that gross! Will definitely check this site before staying in any hotel!

I visited in nov 12 got bed bugs in my bags. Brought these bugs home with me somehow it is disguisting

I visited in nov 12 got bed bugs in my bags. Brought these bugs home with me somehow it is disguisting

We arrived at the Galleria around midnight on May 30, 2009. Getting to our room was an ordeal. We had two full carts and took three different elevators to get to our room. My sister gave me the bed and she took the couch.
The next morning when I got up, there were swollen bed bugs from my blood. My sister put some in a ziploc bag to show housekeeping. They acted like they didn't know what they were and would have them checked. So again we had to move all of our things to another room. I did get

some money to wash my clothes and a voucher for breakfast.
I was so worried about taking them home with me.

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I went for 2 nights 12/24, 12/25/10. I didn't see any begs while there but 3 weeks to to the day from returning I discovered I now had them at home. Can't be positive I picked them up here, but I am thinking I did.

I stupidly did not use good bed bug sense.. I had the contents of our bag strewn across the floor.

Now I am total misery!!

Discovered bugs on my wifes leg while sitting on the couch in our room. Mgmt moved us to a new room. We ripped the new room apart to make sure ot was clear. It wasn't, there were bedbugs in that room too!!!


Either Thursday, August 19th, or Friday, August 20th, my husband called me after checking into this hotel. He got into bed, and saw the bugs on his pillow. He got out of bed, pulled back the covers, and saw bedbugs crawling everywhere in the bed. He went to the front desk and asked them to change his room while he was at work. He looked back into the original room when he came back from work, and saw that they had removed the mattress.

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