Super 8
627 Solomon Run Rd
Johnstown, PA 15904-7117

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As an ex employee I know this location is fully infested. I worked there for a good amount of time trying to convince the owner to have the problem taken care of by professionals but he never did. The problem went from one room in 2012 to almost every room in 2015. I could no longer work there with the conditions worsening and him not doing anything. Including telling other employees to not issue a refund. Not everyone is effected by their bites but I can assure you that hotel is fully infested.

I even called ocea and there was nothing done. No one should have to deal with going to stay somewhere and this happen. Esp with the owners and ALL employees knowing the severity and do nothing about it. Or lie about the problem. Good luck to anyone who stays here.

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We checked in the Super 8 (room 119), at 627 Solomon Run Road Johnstown PA, on September 24, 2015. We left for the day to visit relatives returning around 9:30 pm. After sitting on the bed for about 30 minutes, we started seeing bed bugs coming out the headboard, mattress and surrounding area.

We gathered our suitcases near the door and went to the front desk. We were offered a different room or complete refund. We took the refund!

This experience was a nightmare! Do NOT take the cha

nce staying there. Read all the bed bug stories in this registry. This has been going on for a very long time. If you stay there you are taking a chance of infecting you and your home when you go home.

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No actual bugs seen but 30 bites on arms and back presumably from a pillow or blanket. Very severe reaction. Because the staff was quite nice, I tried to be discreet when telling them that I thought they might have an infestation problem in at least one bed. There was neither a reaction nor a refund offer. As I thought about that, it reinforced my suspicion that this was not the first time they had received such a report.

Had a similar experience in another Super 8 in another Pennsylvania to

wn several years ago. Think I have learned my lesson. Should I ever consider staying with them again, I will check this site first. Not worth the pain no matter how low the rates!

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Friday August 1, 2014
entered the room and it seemed kinda slimy with the air conditioning cranked (3PM+/-). it was rather humid outside so I thought they may have just turned the AC on early to make the room more comfortable. opened the window and let the room air out. came back a few hours later, although the room was drier, there was the presence of a film on everything. went to sleep and woke up with bites on hand, wrist, leg and ankle. my duffel bag had been on the floor so I set it in

the tub and with-in 5 min. there were bedbugs (3)crawling on the sides of the tub...I put two of the bugs I captured in pieces of paper and showed then to the front desk attendant who did not want to even touch the paper. took the bag outside and emptied personal-stuff from within and put the bag in the parking lot dumpster. obviously, like the other poster said, they are simply spraying and re-renting the rooms. do not stay here...what others have posted is true.

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Stayed at this Hotel and came home to bites on my neck, arms and legs. Stay away!!!!!

As of this date, April 27, 2013, the Super 8 in Johnstown is still infested with bed bugs! Do not stay there! We were moved to three separate room on two different floors and had a problem with all rooms. We had to treat out luggage and clothing two different times. We were there on an extended stay due to working in the Johnstown area. Be careful, if you take just one bed bug out of this horrible place in your luggage and clothing they will be spread to your home!

Bed big bites all over my arms and body, after my December holiday stay. I saw a baby bed bug as I was packing up to leave but didn't realize I had been bitten untill later that day!

Nothing! We stayed on the 2nd floor for 5 days visiting. We had no bites. I checked under the mattresses and saw nothing. Our room was clean, the manager of the hotel was super. Only problem I had were the rude people smoking in non-smoking rooms. Some people do not enjoy the smell of those nasty things. The manager took care of that problem for us.

WHe just wanted us to move rooms. We did not stay,I would not recommend this gross place to no one. What a nightmare! bedbugs in the hotel, in atleast 6 rooms that i know of. Manager did not refund us on the stay.He also has housekeeping refill the little shampoo bottles instead of buying more.He needs to be shut down, Sheets are very thin, comforters are smelly,this is a shame, NOT WORTH THE PRICE AT ALL!!!!

October 2, 2012 i got up with bed bug bites all over my body all the manager did was move my room to the 2nd floor they had not refunded me with money and did not apologize for any thing i do not recomend any body to stay at this hotel im still covered with the bites and to find out room 304 is infested still to this day and about 6 other rooms are also infested and all the manager does is have them sprayed with bug spray and rents them the next day.

We stayed here at the Super 8 on July 20, 21, 2012. I'm covered with bedbug bites. I went to the ER and they confirmed it was bedbug bites. Four weeks later I still have bites that are very painful and itchy with blisters. Besides the ER I have been to the doctor twice for treatment. The hotel refunded one night, but the physical symptoms are terrible! These reports have gone back two years. How many people have to suffer before this hotel takes care of the problem!

OMG - My Family got bed bug bites over they're entire bodies. This place is infested! check out this site: Other people have reported it also, but we didn't check first. What a nightmare! Don't Stay here! This place should be shut down!

We arrived May 28. 2011. The first thing i did was pull back the sheet and mattress cover at the corners. When i peeled back the seem out walked 4 bed bugs. The hotel refunded our room and we went to hampton inn.

My husband came home from working out of town on 10/28/2010 with bites all over him. I told him they were probably bed bugs so I looked it up and found this site. And some one else had also reported this hotel. So did he bring them home? Horrible thought!!! Stay away!

Stayed one night, Sept. 4, 2010 and was bitten about 50 times on head, face, neck, hands, arms.

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