Country Inn & Suites
195 Hershey Rd
Hummelstown, PA

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My family stayed there on 8/5/12 in Room 108. We woke up early in the morning to a bed bug that bit my husband. He killed it and brought in on a paper towel to the front desk. The front desk clerk wouldn't openly say it was a bed bug but my husband said "we both know what this is". We checked out that morning and we did not pay for our one night stay. Now we are home being proactive and washing everything we brought in hot water before it makes its way back inside the house.

I stayed at the Country Inn & Suites on the nights of July 1 and 2. On the morning of July 2, I thought that I felt some mosquito bites. Later in the day, I noticed that they had swollen to welts on the back of my neck and in my scalp. When I returned to the hotel, I asked the hotel clerk if I could change my room because I thought that they had bed bugs in Room 105 (my room). She protested that there could be no bed bugs since they have a spraying service. She did move me to Room 109. The next

morning I had
bites on my right arm and hand and on my lower back.

The next day, with the back of my neck, rear scalp, and upper back itching quite seriously, and my arm and hand starting to itch, I sought the diagnosis of a dermatologist. His diagnosis: bed bugs!

I suspect that the bedbugs in Room 105 may have been in the pilows (given the location of the bites; but the bedbugs in 109 were likely in the mattress

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