Wyndham Gdn Harrisburg-Hershey
765 Eisenhower Blvd
Harrisburg, PA

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I was staying there for approximately 5 weeks for training and would leave on Friday come back on Sunday. Each time it was a different room and none of them are clean. I was bitten by a spider 4 times on my arm and there are bed bugs. Some of us had to go to the minute clinic nearby because of the bites. Our last day yesterday 10/16/15 one of my co-workers a male woke up and there were bed bugs in the bed with him. He took pictures to show the bosses at training and now they are moving us to a n

ew Hotel starting tomorrow. They don't clean the bathrooms or change beds regularly. They leave dirty sheets on the bed. They don't mop the bathroom floors. This is the WORST WYNDHAM I HAVE EVER STAYED IN. This must be the black sheep Wyndham family.

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On Sunday i went to take my girls to Hershey park for the 1st time after spending a long day at the park left the park when it closed it was pouring rain and lighting real hard in Hershey and Harrisburg. i went to the hotel that i made reservation in. We checked in and they gave uns room 217 we put are bags on the desk and my husband and two girls decided to left up all the covers and lift the mattress to make sure there was no bed bugs. we lifted the mattress on the bed next to the door and saw

something black my husnad went to grab it and popped it and indeed it was a bed bug the cover indead with a brown stain then we saw one smaller and he did the same my daughters and i started screamming they have bed bugs. i tried calling from desk the phone was not working. So i told my daughter go down tell front dest we need someone up here rigt away. we waited 7 minutes no one came up so we all went down the guy that registered us did not say anything no even i apoligise for the inconvenience took my room key re swiped it and gave me room 305 we went back up my daughters were mom please let's go. i said it's pouring and lighting we can not drive back to newark nj i this weather you can bearly sea. my youngest daughter sat on the table my oter ddaughter sat on the chair and my husband and i looked for bed bugs saw nothing we were so sceeved at this point but the weather was so bad we waited sitting on top of the counter in the bathroom until it stopped raining at 3:50 we checked out and again the fron desk person said i can not do anything you must call the manager on Tuesday and she might give you a discount. i'm am extremely upset my youngest daughter posted on FB this is the worse vacation ever.:( this is the worse experience anyone can go threw. Don't stay at this hotel....for being a Wyndham i was dissappionted the minute i walked in.

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