Crowne Plaza Hotel Harrisburg-Hershey
23 S 2nd St
Harrisburg, PA

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I was a guest 1/14/15 and 1/15/15 as my father was a patient and passed away at the hospital across the street and I live out of state. At one point I noticed 2 small spots of blood on the sheets which I thought was odd but I didn't make a connection as I've never had to worry about bed bugs before. My 1 1/2 year old had a slight cold and sometimes gets hives. She had a few hive-looking spots but I noticed they were slightly raised. Again, I thought her 'hives' were odd being raised but I di

dn't make a connection as I've never had to worry about bed bugs. Finally the bell goes off over my head when my 6 year old complains a few days later of itchiness and has 3 mosquito like bites on her ankle. This was after we returned back home but my 1 1/2 year old was while we were in PA. Guess what I just found in my house? Yes, looks like a bed bug. Must have hitched a ride from PA to MA. I 1000% have never had an issue before and now I need to exterminate her room/maybe our house. I am now dreading my next hotel stay regardless of the quality of the hotel or location!

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They've still got 'em. I stayed in a room on the 4th floor in November 2014 and woke to an 'adolescent' crawling across my shirt at 3:30 in the morning. Flicked it, found it, killed it, it bled (my blood) profusely [proving it was a BB]. Suffice is to say I spent the next 90 minutes doing an Ebola-level cleanse of my possessions to try and avoid bringing them out with me. I should have checked here first!

6/28/2014 I woke up with bites on my forehead. They were two distinct lines of small itchy bumps about two inches long and some a little scattered around.

I stayed at the Crowne Plaza in Harrisburg on Sunday night, August 4, 2013 in room 523 and noticed I was itchy later in the day. My husband suggested they were bed bug bites. They look similar to some of the pictures online. Something worth checking out.

Hello, I am the General Manager of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Harrisburg, PA. I would like to report that with the latest entry on 11/8/12, after a full and immediate investigation by a professional pest control representative - there was no indication of any bedbug activity at all. I would be happy to share any documentation from the pest control company to validate that this is indeed fact and not a denial.

Thank you,
Stephanie Foose

When getting dressed this morning, 11/8/12, I noticed a small, reddish brown bug crawling across my white sheets. Without a doubt, it was a bed bug. I took a picture and captured it for the staff. They acknowledged it was a live bug but wouldn't confirm it was a bed bug, even though it clearly was. Currently fighting with them about what to do about it. All the reviews below of denial are my experience as well.

In reference to the last entry dated 1/13/12; there was no report of any kind submitted to our staff about bed bugs (or any bug bites)on January 8th, 9th, 10th.....Again, I can say without hesitation, that we do not have bed bugs. We take these concerns seriously and act immediately to ensure that professional inspection and identification take place. We also log reports of any "claims" and their result. I would be happy to discuss this concern if there should be any question. I can alway

s be reached at 717-234-5021, ext. 2100. Thank you, Stephanie Foose, General Manager.

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I awoke at 5:00am on 1/8/12 to a small dark bug biting my flesh on my face,arms, breasts. When I called to report the incident. I was dismissed with " We don"t have bed bugs". Please do not stay at this hospital. You've been warned.


Please allow me to share that our hotel does not have any bed bugs. We act on any report of "bugs" immediately. Our staff wants to be on top of this industry challenge and guests are more knowledgeable of how to detect them, in part, thanks to the dialogue on this website. The housekeeping staff has been trained by Orkin on the key areas of the inspection process; they even join Orkin for the inspection of the room when a guest reports a possibly sighting. Orkin Pest Control come

s into Hotel on the same day to conduct a detailed inspection of the room. Once he determines that there is no activity, we request a report from him so that we can share it with our guests. If anyone would like to view a report from Orkin, please contact me at 717-234-5021. I am very proud to share these reports of no bug activity.

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July 21, 2011 Four friend and I were at this hotel for a week long conference. I woke up on the 22nd with over 60 bites. I was in room 519. My friend was on the third floor and had the same exact bites. The hotel also blamed it on spiders then actually accused me for bringing fleas from home. They had Orkin come in and said neither room had bugs but we have no explanation for our bites. The dermatologist confirmed they were mite bites, not spider or insect, in a typical breakfast, lunch, d

inner pattern!

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On june 6,2011 I checked in to the crowne plaza in harrisburg. After switching my room once due to a broken lock and open acess to the room next door, I notice a really small black bug crawling across the bed. I immediately called management and checked out. The crowne plaza tried to charge me for half a night after being there for less than an hour and stated the bugs were spiders. I took multiple pictures of the bugs on my phone. The management was rude and the hotel is clearly infested. I

called the hilton down the street who immediately sent a car for me and put me up in a really nice suite.

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They checked me into a remodeled room. The first thing I do is check the bed. Seemed okay. Went to bed that night. Woke up in the morning and went to the bathroom. As I am waking up I see bugs crawling around the floor. Yep, bed bugs. Captured one and got video evidence on my iPhone. Called management immediately.

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