Country Inn & Suites
1025 Peiffers Ln
Harrisburg, PA 17109-5910

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We decided to visit Harrisburg for Mothers' Day weekend (May 12-14, 2012).Our room seemed clean and we were very comfortable and happy to pay a little extra for a nicer motel. However, within a few weeks of this trip, my husband started noticing bug bites all over his arms. Having no knowledge of bedbugs, he went to the dermatologist, who said they were bedbug bites. We believe we unwittingly brought them home from this motel. The bugs succeeded in infesting our couches, and the other members

of the family were also getting bitten. We threw out 2 couches and called in the exterminator.
These bedbugs ended up costing us thousands of dollars. We are deathly afraid of bringing them home again, and are still looking for signs that we didn't get them all.

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My family and I stayed at this hotel 8/25/11 through 8/28/11. The hotel is very clean, newer and beautiful. Just as a pre-caution when we checked in, I pulled back the sheets when we arrived and checked for any signs of bedbugs. I checked around the headboard and outlets, etc. Nothing. However, I awoke around 5am on 8/28/11 to find a group of 3 bites on the left side of my torso and a group of 2 bites on my left thigh. I Googled pictures of bedbug bites and they looked similar to mine. I

notified the General Manager that I thought I was bitten by bedbugs and showed her pictures of my bites. She said they have never had any incidents before and sent the Housekeeping Manager to visually examine the mattress, but she didn't see any bedbugs and asked me if I was allergic to anything or changed detergent, etc. I said no. I talked to the General Manager again and she said again they never had any incidents, maybe I got bit outside the hotel...I asked her "on my torso"??? After pressing her and telling her we would have to go to the laundromat to wash our belongings, she gave me 50% of my last night's stay. I went to MedExpress on 8/28/11 and the doctor confirmed that I was bitten by bedbugs.

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