Hampton Inn
309 Wilson Ave
Hanover, PA

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September, 2010 stay.

We turned down the bed to sleep around midnight, and saw hairs in the bed. We suspected for a moment that the sheets weren't changed, but brushed it off, thinking perhaps the hairs caught static in the dryer.

We were both tossing and turning and woke up arount 3:30 AM, jumping out of the bed only to find we weren't alone!! 6-8 bedbugs were crawling around the bed, red. Blood stains were on the sheets as well. In addition, more bedbugs were crawling up the duvet. We

caught a couple of them in a cup and immediately called the front desk to come up "right now" and see them.

The young lady came right up, saw them, and offered to change the room. We immediately put our things in the next room and then proceeded to put on our bathing suits, taking the rest of our clothes and put them into the guest coin operated dryer. We proceeded to the hot tub at the pool area and dipped ourselves from head to toe. It was a dirty hot tub and when we came up, there was scum on our heads. So gross!!!

The next morning, the assistant manager (a real nice guy) was made aware of the problem and profusely apologized. He offered to give us a gift certificate for another night's stay at any Hampton Inn. We agreed to this, but also wanted the hotel to cover any infestation that might occur after we got home (we have NEVER seen bedbugs, ever)! He and his general manager told us they were making a claim to their insurance company and that the insurance company would take it from there -- hotel management told me that we would be "well taken care of" by this insurance company. We didn't want financial compensation, but only payment of extermination of the bedbugs, should we take them home.

A rep from their insurance company, Fireman's Fund, called and seem concerned after hearing the story then abruptly said "So, what do you want?". We told her the same thing we told the hotel: Only payment to the exterminators, if we find the bedbugs followed us to our home. That's it. She then told us: "YOU probably took the bedbugs to the hotel." The audacity!!!!

Guess what, my partner found a bedbug crawling up our dining room chair last week and it bit him!!! We are combing the house for signs of more of them........what a shame this has happened to us.

Warning: They'll be sweet to you at the Hampton Inn in Hanover, PA, but lookout for bedbugs as well as NO followup to their problem -- except a letter of apology and a "free" night to come back for more..........unbeliveable.

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