Comfort Suites Grantville
450 Station Rd
Grantville, PA

Found 3 reports:

06/01/13 - Found bites on my back after staying there this past weekend...

My son is currently staying at the comfort Inn in Grantville ( 11/12/11) and woke up to bedbugs biting him , he even took a picture of it. He reported it to the manager who just gave him a different room, that's it.

November 2, 2010 stay overnight at this hotel and awoke the next day with bug bites on my body. Told front desk and was discounted for my room. Bites were so bad I went to the hospital. Were I was treated for bed bug bites, I was given three prescriptions. Informed Manager at hotel regarding this matter, he stated that bug inspector came out and saw no bugs. Manager refuse to pay for pain and mental suffering I have incurred by staying at their hotel.

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