Quality Inn & Suites North Gibsonia
5137 William Flynn Hwy
Gibsonia, PA 15044-8401

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Room 211 bed bug infested! Room was dirty and overall status poor.

We checked in to the hotel on 10/4/13 and fortunately did NOT put our things in there as we were going out sight seeing. Got back to the hotel around 10pm and were sitting on the double beds chatting when I noticed this small bug crawling across the sheet. So I squished it and didn't think TOO much of it when another bug a little bigger but similar looking crawled across the sheets in the same place. So I got a piece of paper out to squish it since it was bigger. And that's when we started googl

ing bed bug pictures. It looked exactly like a nymph in the stage 4. We took it down to the reception desk and showed the office personnel and he said "well that's a first, never seen one, we just changed the mattresses 4 months ago, let me switch you rooms". And fortunately I had a friend in the area to stay with so we said, no, give us our money back, we are leaving!! He did without much problem, I just have to check my credit card and make sure I don't get charged.

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My husband, two kids and myself stayed the night of Nov 5th in rm 118. I checked both beds at check in and did see a black mark (about an inch in length at the head of the box spring and a light cream colored object (for lack of a better word--maybe a shell of carcass? now I know it looked just like what I have seen on the internet in infested areas). At the time, I thought the light cream colored object was just a fuzz b/c it flew off the box spring relatively easily when i blew on it. On M

onday of the following week noticed spot on right wrist and neck--very itchy with raised area in the middle--at first I thought maybe it was hives but didn't do anything out of the ordinary that would cause that. As the week progressed noticed other spots on my hands, low back and neck. (I've read it can take up to 9 days for the bites to appear). There was a cluster of three to four bites on my neck and face as well as line pattern on my low back--pattern and appearance of bites were consistent with what I saw on the internet. My 3 yr old son, who slept in the bed with me, had two smll bites on him (very different in appearance and not as many as I had)I think I had more of an allergic reaction to the bites...anyway, we did not see an actual bug but the smll black area on the box spring is consistent with fecal matter from the bugs as I have seen on the internet. Since we have been home, we have torn apart our bed and dressers with no evidence of bugs here. I have vacuumed out all the dressers and thrown all clothes in the dryer on highest heat for at least 20 minutes. We are checking daily to see if any bugs appear (and so far we are in the clear). I phoned the hotel to make them aware of the possible problem. The manager was not in at the time but he did call me back. He had to leave a message on my voice mail. When I returned that call, I was put on hold for about three minutes and then my phone lost its connection and I have not heard back from them.

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