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My family and I reserved a deluxe log cabin for two nights, Aug 10-11, 2013. When we arrived, I noticed five oxidized blood spots on the full-size bed which had a white mattress bedbug protector. The dark spots were 2mm round, uniform, and in a trail half-inch apart. I also noticed numerous small black specks running, mainly on the sides of the wood twin bunkbed frame. There were concentration of specks located where the screws were placed into the bed frame. The same was true for the full bed.

The cabin's wood walls were speckled with black dots where the headboards of the full bed and the bunkbed were. My husband came in the bedroom with his flashight to inspect. He noticed something small was wedged between the wood panels on the wall. He got his pocket knife to jab the thing and pry it out. It was a bedbug. My son also found a couple more live bedbugs wedged between the wood wall paneling. My husband told the owner about the bedbugs, and showed her the captured bedbug. She said she paid an exterminator to heat treat the cabin several weeks earlier, and she showed my husband the receipt for the service. She also said a number of families have stayed in this particular cabin since, and have not reported any problems. She said this is the only cabin on her site that had a bedbug problem and was treated for it. She offered to put our belongings in the dryer and move us to a different cabin and give us a refund for our stay. This incident took place late at night, around 1:00 in the morning. I was busy packing our things to be dried in the clothes dryer and preparing for the move to the new cabin. It was 2:00 in the morning when we got our sheets, pillows, and clothes from the dryer, delivered by the owner and her helper. Our family was extremely tired and sleepy from the matter. We finally went to sleep. On the second day, we went on our all-day excursions. By evening, I had time to look around the cabin. Ther were black specks on the wood bed frames. They looked and felt old. We assumed we were placed in a safe cabin. To this day, we are still trying to rid the bedbugs that have somehow escaped our scrutiny when we arrived home.

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