Americas Best Value Inn
301 Steinwehr Ave
Gettysburg, PA 99999

Found 2 reports:

When this person (anonymous on 5/8/12) checked out and said the room had bed bugs, the head housekeeper, her assistant and another housekeeper went to the room to inspect it. There were no bed bugs found but we did not rent the room for five days. They checked the room each day and found nothing. There have been no reports of bed bugs since. At no time did anyone talk to the General Manager or the Front Office Manager.

I was laying in bed watching tv and had three bed bugs crawling on me. I took one down to the office where the desk clerk informed me that it was a tick and it was clearly a bed bug. Ticks are flat and this bug was fat with a zillion legs and after looking up what a bed bug looks like online, that's what was crawling on me and left bites on my legs. I was not in any way happy with the results that I got from the desk clerk nor was I happy with the answers I got from the hotel manager.

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