Rodeway Inn
701 Altamont Blvd
Frackville, PA 17931-2429

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Got stranded in a snowstorm and had to stay at this fleabag. No choice since Holiday Inn Express up the road was full up because of the weather. Couldn't sleep and stayed up late watching DVD. About 3am saw small brown flat beetley looking thing crawling on next bed. Looked up bedbug pics online and it fit the bill. Killed it by spraying with hairspray and then grabbed it in a wad of TP and flushed down the toilet. Wish I would've kept it in the fridge in the wadded up tissue to s

how the front desk to get a refund like the other person who made a report on here.

I stripped the beds of all linens and blankets but didn't see anymore. No comfort, since carpet, chair upholstery, etc. all of that nice earthtone pattern that fleabags use to try to hide the presence of their creepy crawlies.

Even without the bedbug sighting this place made an inconvenient and stressful night stranded in the snow even worse. There were all kinds of stains and holes in the blankets and sheets.

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Stayed here for 2 nights and on the eve of the second night, I noticed something black walking across the white sheet. I went closer to look and found a bed bug. I killed it and immediately went to go check the other bed in the room. I found TWO more bugs crawling on those sheets. I killed them all and went immediately to the front desk with dead bugs.
The woman at the front counter initially denied that they were beg bugs, but eventually gave me a refund on that last night and I checked out im

mediately. Spent the night in my car and spent the next morning in a laundry mat cleaning everything I had brought into the hotel.

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