Hilton Garden Inn Philadelphia Fort Washington
530 Pennsylvania Ave
Fort Washington, PA

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My husband and I came back to the room after dinner, and I being pregnant wanted to lay down. As I crawled under the covers, I noticed a small black bug crawling across the covers. I immediately called the front desk and withing 10 minutes they have changed our room, however the security officer, did look at and "ohhh" at the bug like he had seen them before, leading me to immediately check to see if they had a bed bug problem. Low and behold, I find four reports dating back to October

of last year! EWW Please take care of this problem.

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It's too bad the hotel is so complacent with taking care of this issue. We have stayed here several times a few years ago and would stay again. However, they have lost our business (and we actually live in hotels due to our work) until they have amended the problem correctly. shame on the management - as we are business travelers we usually book a few rooms and spend considerable money.

This hotel DOES have bed bugs! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME with the GM's reply! Why don't you take care of the problem and DO YOUR JOB instead of posting a ridiculous comment like that.

We DO NOT RECOMMEND this hotel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a Frudulent claim. The day that this claim came in we have 3 trained professionals go up to this guest room and found nothing at all. We do not treat these claims lightly. We have 4 trained professionals on staff who are available to go up and look at the claim immediately. This web site needs to varify claims before they post them.

On 10/26/2010 I checked in to The Hilton Garden Inn 530 Pennsylvania ave., Fort Wash. PA
I noticed my Bed had Bed Bugs, I called the front desk to report the problem, they said they would send the manager up to the room.
The Manager never came up so I went down to the lobby. The Manager was down in the lobby did not seem to be at all concerned with the issue. The hotel offered me another room I declined and requested they cancel my resv. they made no apologies and sent me on my way.

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