Comfort Inn Philadelphia Airport
53 Industrial Hwy
Essington, PA
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staff pleasant, shuttle prompt, breakfast good. problem: had a 4:30 AM wake-up call. turned lights on and found bedbugs on pillow, blanket, and under mattress. management comped our room but denied they were bedbugs. they were size, shape, color of bedbugs and filled with blood. he didn't know what they were. really?

I am the General Manager. I can tell you 100% room 404 in our hotel never ever had any bed bugs. Since this has been in the press, any bite is always reported as bedbugs. It usually turns out to be average everyday bugs that can get into any hotel at any time. We have a professional exterminator every month check the property. Please report responsible and accurate information when using a site like this.

Woke up with welts on my legs after spending 2 nights there. I pulled back the covers and found black spots near the foot of the bed in the morning. This was in room 404 on March 16 - March 18, 2010.

My family stayed at this location for a few days in the July of 2009. Dad got a rash and "welts" after one night, but we attributed it to a visit to Longwood Gardens and thought he might be allergic to one of the plants we saw that day. The "welts" got worse after the second day. We thought it might be bedbugs, so we looked for them and found them in his room. His was the only room affected, the other two rooms we stayed in had no other problems.

The management was not overly concerned, e

ven when we showed them the bugs (we put a couple in a plastic bag) so we contacted corporate who refunded our stay. I don't remember the room number.

We then switched Comfort Inns to the one in King of Prussia and had no problems at that location.

About a week after he got home, his rash had not gone away. He also had scabies and had to be treated for them as well.

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