La Quinta Inn & Suites Erie
7820 Perry Hwy
Erie, PA 16509-6628

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Me and my Fiancee checked in on 12-31-19. The room initially looked okay (room #224), but after we were there for awhile, I noticed a bug crawling on the bed. I went to put it in a cup to show the front office, but accidentally squished it and red blood came out! After examining the room more carefully, we noticed bedbug evidence everywhere, especially in the couch, and this was the Executive Suite Room #224...supposedly the top of the line best room they have! We immediately checked out, but th

e clerk refused to give us a refund.We were stuck miles away from home with nowhere to stay on New Years Eve. I have video and photographic evidence of the infestation,and will post it on Youtube and other venues. Totally disgusting and disappointing to say the least!

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My wife and I stayed one night at this La Quinta in room 220, on 5/19/15. In the morning my wife was covered head to toe in dozens of bedbug bites. I imagine that I am too, but am fortunately not allergic. Literally dozens of bites. It was the only hotel we stayed at, and we are 100% that it is where she was attacked.

I worked at a homeless shelter in a major metropolitan area that had a bedbug infestation for several years no mistaking them for something else at this point. Recommend avoidi

ng at all costs

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Spent the night January 11, 2014. Requested an extra blanket because the room was so cold. Was told you are in luck this blanket is brand new never been used. My daughter and mother in law slept in one bed and I slept in the other with the extra blanket. I woke up in the morning of January 12, 2014 and my arms and ankles were so itchy. I got into the shower and noticed at least 50 bites over my arms, feet and knees. I thought I might have had a allergic reaction to something because my mot

her in law and daughter had no such marks on them. Proceeded to drive home and the marks got itchier and itchier. Got very worried that I may have been bitten by bedbugs and bagged everything up that we took there. As it turns out I was severely bitten by bed bugs at this location and had a severe reaction to the bites. It has been over a week and I am still itching. Benadryl, Prednisone and other medications are not working. The bites that are healing are leaving scars on my arms and legs. I will never stay at this location again. When I called about this matter I was told there was no way that I got bitten at this location. Just be warned people they do have bedbugs whether they want to believe it or not.

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Stayed here last night June 23, 2012. Husband was laying awake due to some loud neighbors and felt something crawling up his leg. Sure enough it was a bed bug and after close investigation with the lights on we found a very young one full of blood that had just fed on my son. We packed everything in plastic bags, showered, changed our clothes, and moved woke up three children in the middle of the night and went home. We repeted showering and leaving our clothes outside as soon as we got home at

330 am. Now everything is on a chest freezer for a week and them will be laundered. I threw many things out including our suitcases. I am truly horrified!

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