Country Inn-Erie South
8040 Oliver Rd
Erie, PA 16509-4620

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It was satureday September 8th. We dedcided for my son's birthday we would let him choose two friends to take to erie and go to chuck e cheese. We almost always stay here. We checked in around 2. Went to chuck e cheese,dinner and shopping. Came back to the hotel around 7. They swam, played in the room. We stayed in a suite. We let the three kids sleep in the kinhg bed. It was about 11:00 PM we decided to pull out the sofa bed. My husband layed down, as I sat in the chair, watched tv. Abou

t 20 minutes later my husband jumped up and said bug. I hurried up and grabbed toilet paper and we caught it. Looked up bed bugs on my phone,sure enough that is what it was. My husband took it down to the front desk, she refunded us and called another hotel to see if they could accomidate us. Here we are pulling kids out of bed at 11:30 at night. All I can think of is how am I gonna explain this to the parents. This has been the most stessful, sleepless situation i have ever encountered. I called a pest control to inspect my home, car, and luggage. Nothing was found. Thank god. It's been almost two weeks since the incident and I still do bed inspections waiting for one to appear. My husband says I'm nuts,but it helps me sleep at night. If you go to a hotel, leave luggage at door and inspect throughly before staqying. And if you do end up like me, make sure you leave everthing at the door of your home and strip down, shower and wash everything immediately or throw it in the dryer. That is what we did. The pest inspector said that is the right thing todo. I don't think I will ever stay in another hotel again. Looks like I'm getting a camper.

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