Days Inn Chester
1300 Providence Ave
Chester, PA

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Stayed at this hotel Friday September 4th 2015 arriving at 9pm. By 2:30 am I was packing my things and leaving because we noticed how bad the bed bug investation was. I discovered over 70 bites on my body. The manager was not surprised, concerned, or sympathetic. It wasn't until after he witnessed the bed bugs himself that he was willing to give a full refund.

November 11, 2011 - I literally stayed in my room for only about 8 hours (I had an early flight and just needed a place to take get a few hours a sleep and take a shower). To be completely fair, I didn't actually see any bed bugs. However, after laying down on the bed I began to feel things crawling on my legs. I then got up, took the bed cover off and looked on the sheets for bugs. I didn't see anything so I shook out the sheets and pillow cases and went back to sleep. When I woke up, my right

hand, which had been positioned at the head of the bed, was covered in bites from the fingers to the wrist. In the following 24 hours, a number of the bites developed into sizable welts.

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Stayed at this hotel for one dreadful night 4th May 2009. Started off in room 702 and woke up at 2.30am with bedbugs crawling around in our pillows and on our mattress. Called front desk immediately and took some squashed bugs down to the front desk who gave us a new room 705 which had a leak with "Coke" coloured liquid dripping through the ceiling all night! It was so loud had to "sleep" with the TV on! We have stayed in many Days Inns across the whole of America but this is by far the wors

t in the way they handled the situation. First moving us from one problem room to another, second the night clerk told us to come down in the morning for a refund, unbelievably they told us that they could not give us any money back because we had used a voucher??!?!?! I guess the voucher means you get a room with bedbugs free of charge then? The manager was too gutless to come out and speak with us which is very disappointing. They did refund us 50% back which we accepted so as not to ruin our day as we still had to finish washing all our clothes and head into Philidelphia.

I would recommend you do not stay at this hotel....ever!


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