Super 8
3648 Scotland Rd
Chambersburg, PA 17201-7425

Found 4 reports:

Checked in on Saturday 6/1/19. Room 224 . Upon inspection of room i lifted up the corner of the mattress to find a bed bug. I'm not picky don't mind a little grime but bed bugs. Nope.

Rooms 406, 403, and 319. BEDBUGS! Got bit while laying on the beds. I took my things, left, sanitized them, washed and dried all my clothes twice in case I picked up any visitors. Went to another hotel and have had not had a problem. Will not use this Super 8 ever again.

Stayed here 3 times in 2 weeks on business. The 2 rooms I've had on the 2nd floor (room 300 - ?) I have been bitten by bed bugs while laying on top of the bed. One room on the top floor I stayed in one night and did not have any encounters with them.

I worked at Super 8 for several years. We never got many bed bug complaints, however, the spring and summer of 2012 (as I'm told, I don't work there anymore) has been particularly bad for bugs.

Rooms 323, 401, and 107 have had reports; 401 was very recent and will be fumigated soon. 317 was also torn apart by exterminators in April to eliminate the threat.

That said, in my opinion they are not being taken seriously enough by the owners. If you don't stay at this hotel then you really aren

't missing much, but I don't think the bed bugs are particularly bad enough to make you stay away. There have never been any massive outbreaks or anything; most reports are several days in advance. The only bite report we received turned out to be that the guest had an allergic reaction to our detergents.

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