Super 8 Carlisle North
1800 Harrisburg Pike
Carlisle, PA 17015-8855

Found 2 reports:

My wife and I were in the bed for less than 1 hour when she discovered an adult bed bug crawling on her shirt. I then checked myself and found a immature one on my neck. The hotel worker was great in providing us with plastic garbage bags to seal all our belongings and another room on a different floor to shower. They also gave us a refund. We left immediately after showering. It was extremely inconvenient and we spent hours when we got home cleaning, checking and putting things in the free

zer. It was a tremendous hassle but so far no bed bugs at home.

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On 12/18/11 I, my wife, and daughter checked into this Super 8 and found a live bedbug after an hour in the room. 100% positive ID, as we referenced the internet. We immediately notified the owner, checked out and left.

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