Rodeway Inn Conference Center Allentown
1151 Bulldog Dr
Allentown, PA 18104-1901

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Stay: 11/3-11/5/2012 (REMEMBER SANDY??? I had been without electric since 10/29 and WITH dog, went hunting for available with other reviewer, wish I had never found this dive). Room was filthy and old/beat up. Carpet stained..even the dog didnt want to lay down on it after stiffing every inch of the room. Bathroom was filthy, mice droppings on the ledge, drain broken in tub (standing in calf-deep water during shower GROSS GROSS GROSS). Walls yellowed, dirty and cob-webbed. Outside do

or had gaps all around letting in the cold winter wind and snow! Had the room re(ha ha)-vacuumed and the skinking bedding changed immediately..(also asked for a cleaner room and the clerk laughed out loud).
New sheets had bed bugs was a nightmare. Came home with the suckers...hint: washed EVERYTHING in strong ammonia and got rid of the pests. I also wrote to Choice Hotels International and received nothing - no acknowledgement, no apology, no refund (as requested). DISGUSTING PLACE.

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January 2012
I am from out of state and was doing some work in the Allentown area. I knew I would be in Pa. for a couple of months so I thought I would try to find a hotel/motel that does long term month to month lease as opposed to paying nightly rates. Well I really wish I would have never found one. I ended up staying at the rodeway inn and it turned out to be the worst experience of my life!!
I should have run as soon as I walked into the room and noticed that it looked like it hasn't been

used or cleaned for 10 years. The rug although not appearing dirty was absolutely filthy. After taking a shower in a nasty tub I walked around in my bare feet for about 5 minutes. My feet were Black from walking on the rug. That believe it or not was the good qualities. When I went to bed for the night after about an hour I got eatten alive by bed bugs so badly that I had to go to a pharmacy and get cream to take away the itch and the pain. At that point I decided to go back to the motel and get my belongings. That was a scary adventure. I guess the freaks come out at night. That place must house every wefare recipient, drug abuser, convicted felon and low life Allentown could conjure up. I grabed my stuff, causiously went to the office and demanded my money back. I ran and never turned back. That place should be cut off from normal civilization.

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May 29-30, 2011

We stayed at this hotel after having made telephone reservations with Choice from our car at 2:00 AM. The room was extremely tired, stuffy and musty when we checked in but we were exhausted so the fact that the room just had a bed was all we cared about at the time.

The next day my husband and daughter had a few bites. We attributed it to mosquitos. Little did we know...

The next day my husband and daughter were covered with even more bites and we knew something was wron

g. Right before we checked out we found a bug that looked alot like a tick but didn't have the hard body of a tick. We killed it.

On the way home, using our wireless internet device that we were traveling with, we started to do some research and it didn't take us long to realize that my husband and daughter had been bitten by bed bugs. We found descriptions of the bites and pictures of the bugs that looked exactly like the bug that we killed so I KNOW they were bitten by bed bugs!

We learned also that none of the stuff we had in the hotel room could go back into our home or we might infest our home with the bugs. We began the lone (2 week) process of washing, drying, and "baking" the items that were in the hotel room so that they were "clean."

We reported the incident to Choice and asked them to make this right. No one should pay $150 dollars to come home bitten by bugs. They refused, saying the hotel "had to be given a chance to research the problem." As expected, we received a letter from the hotel saying that they had "torn the room apart" and found no evidence of bed bugs. Convenient. We are now contesting the charge with our credit card company.

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December 2010--Found one bedbug in my small vacuum cleaner after vacuuming the room. I had stayed a month before in a place that was infested, but had a lot of time and money cleaning and steaming all my stuff before taking it to the next place. Still it is possible that it was a lone survivor.

Was about to go to bed around midnight and noticed there was a bug crawling on the wall. Immediately killed it and then googled pictures of bed bugs. Found another dead one on the mattress and some casings on the other bed. This hotel is so gross.

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