Howard Johnson
3220 Hamilton Blvd
Allentown, PA 18103-4535

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7/17/14 - Upon checking into the hotel, I spotted a bug on one of the beds. I reported this to the front desk and they admitted that they had an issue in the past but not for several months. I returned to the room and with closer inspection found two more bugs and several bed bug exoskeletons. I refused to stay there and they would not refund my money.

On Auguest 30, 2013, I stood at the Howard Johnson in Allentown, PA. My boyfriend and I saw bed bugs in our sheets and pillow covers inside and out last night. We made a complaint to the front desk around 3 in morning after packing our things. We asked for a refund and to speak with a manager. He (Don) was unable to help us. We then left around 3:30am and drove all the way home to New York. This was a major inconvenience. Very disgusted. We stood in room 217

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I stayed for two days. Aug 27-29th of 2012. I was shocked when we got home. My husband and myself were covered in little bumps! I'm angry. We tried calling the hotel manager and they give a run around with talking to him. We have to try again tomorrow to see if we can get ahold of him. I'm pissed! This was my ONE YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! It was completely messed up. We even had to switch rooms due to mold in the first one they put us in. We stayed in room 205.

I stayed at this hotel and was bitten in multiple places. I woke up at 3 AM from the itching. I checked the bed and found 2 bed bugs. I put them in a plastic bottle and presented it to the night desk. They claimed that they don't have a problem and it was probably the previous occupant of the room that left the bugs there.

I stayed in Rm 110 on the first floor. When I woke up I was covered with small bites all over my lower legs. When I complained the manager, he would not see me.

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