Sylvia Beach Hotel
267 Nw Cliff St
Newport, OR 97365

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According to someone on TripAdvisor, along with regular rooms named after authors and books they also have hotel dorm type rooms called a Hostel. The person on the TripAdvisor review gave it a 4 rating and said he enjoyed staying there.

There is no such rooms and dorm rooms??!!These reports are faked!

What are dorm rooms? They have individual rooms names after arthurs and books! I think the reports above are faked. I have stayed n the hotel on and off for over 20 years and also stayed from honeymoon so I do know this hotel well. So what the He!! is dorm rooms??

My friend and I also encountered bed bugs in the dorms. The carpet and beds were completely infested. We were fortunate enough to notice before bedding down for the night. It was early September, 2011, and I regret not having posted before and sparing others the misery. SBH did put us up at another hotel-- they were clearly aware of the problem. I wanted so much to give this small business the benefit of a doubt, but management was terrifically rude to us when I called later to discuss a bill we

had received in error. For all the feel-good vibe of the place, they clearly have little esteem for their patrons. I must mention again it was absolutely infested. A nightmare.

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On Sept. 26, 2011, my friend and I stayed in the women's dorm at the Sylvia Beach Hotel in Newport, Oregon. The 8-bed room was dimly lit & musty smelling, the carpet dirty, and the bedding old and threadbare. During the drive home the next morning, my neck and abdomen felt itchy and by that evening I had over 40 large welts on the front and back of my neck, my face, lower arms, and on either side of my abdomen. At first I thought I had gotten flea bites from the two resident cats at the hotel, b

ut by Wednesday, the welts and itching were so severe that I went to my doctor. He said they looked like bed bug bites and take an antihistamine and apply cortisone cream to alleviate the discomfort. I called the hotel to alert them to their possible bed bug problem. After hearing about my ordeal, the receptionist calmly said that these things happen occasionally. She assured me that the cleaning staff would check the bunk bed and clean the linens. She gave no apologies and never called back to check on my condition. Meanwhile, I have spent hours on the internet for information on bed bugs, disposed of my two bed pillows, washed and rewashed my clothing & bed linens, inspected and vacuumed my bed mattress, and put my nylon suitcase in the dryer, in the hopes that I can stop any eggs or live bed bugs from infesting my home. On Sept. 29, my friend discovered she has four bites on her neck, which means she may have been bitten after our return home. This is a nightmare!

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