LA Quinta Inn
45 Se 32nd St
Newport, OR 97365

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My teenage son and myself stayed at La Quinta from Sun-Mon, May 27-28 2012. Though I've stayed at their hotels before, I'd never stayed here. I like La Quinta, and they allow our dog too, so we booked our room for a night away. When my son awoke, he had a bed bug crawling across his forehead, captured it, and found yet another in his bed where he'd been sleeping! We immediately packed, took the dog to the vehicle, and went to check out with our evidence in hand. The front desk women was horrifi

ed, apologised, comp'd our one nts stay, said she wished she could do more, and said to let them know if we had any other problems arise due to these or the bites my son received through the night. I just did my research, seems I have laundry to do, a dogs fur to maticulously pick through, and a vehicle to vaccuum out now, as these awful things can hitch hike on clothing, overnight bags and pets!!!! I now also, have a new fear of hotel stays, no matter the cleanliness that seems to be visible.

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