Super 8
1275 Se 3rd St
Bend, OR 97702-2137

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We were traveling from Boise to Springfield Oregon. Checked in at Super 8 .Brought all our bags and stuff up. Went swimming ,settled in for he night and my son told his sister to get off the bed there was a bug on it. he scooped it up and said mom I think this is a bed bug. The next thing you know we find 4 more and then look on the night stand and there is more. We went to the lobby and they gave us another room but internaly I was freaking out about all our clothes our blanket ,and pillows. So

after not being abel to sleep thinking about the possibility of transfering them I went down to the lobby again and they offered to wash all our clothes ,bedding and bags. It is now 532 am and I am waiting for our clothes to finish washing and drying.We are going to pack them back up in our bags straight out of the dryer put the clothes on our backs in a plastic bag change eat breakfast and get the heck out of here!

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