Super 8 Ashland or
2350 Ashland St
Ashland, OR 97520-1408

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My boyfriend and I stayed at this Super 8 on October 31, 2015 for one night (Saturday). A few hours after checking out on Sunday, on the drive home, I started to feel itchy on my forearm and the back of my neck. I couldn't figure out what I had but figured it was some kind of bite. Googled the red welts that started popping up and found out it was bed bug bites! Almost immediately found this page and read about "Jackie's" visit. Guess which room we were in?! Yep! Room 203. Soooooo the same room

that had bed bugs two weeks prior to our stay is STILL infested. Ugh. I contacted the hotel the same evening we got home. had to call back on Monday to speak with the manager. He gave me the runaround and said he'd call back within "24 hours" after "speaking with the owners". Of course he didn't call me back. Two days later, after not hearing anything from the manager, I called the 1-800 Super 8 customer service number. Within half an hour of talking with customer service, I had a message from the manager saying he was refunding my $85 for the nights' stay. Cool. In the meantime, I have over 75 bites on my body. I've been to the doctor for antibiotics, prednisone, and an anti-itch med ($30 copay, $20 meds). I've also spent close to $50 for different anti-itch creams/lotions/sprays. Nothing is helping, really. I'm an itchy, bitten mess. And kinda irritated about the whole situation. I've definitely learned to check this website before booking a hotel. And I've learned to check for the warning signs too. I'm glad I didn't have to pay for the one night stay, but I'm super irritated that one night has resulted in going on three weeks of scratching in my sleep, bleeding oozy wounds and probably scars. To top it off? The manager didn't even apologize. He called it a "possible bed bug situation" and seemed quite ambivalent about the whole thing. I sincerely hope they rectify this issue. It's really irresponsible to have an on-going infestation. Or I hope he gets bed bug bitten. Seems like the hotel manager equivalent of stepping on Legos.

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My friend and I stayed overnight October 19, 2015 in room 214. On returning home the next day, my friend discovered she was covered with bed bug bites. So far I haven't been affected, but understand from web resources that it sometimes takes a few days to show up. The motel has so far not responded to any attempts to report the issue to them.

My husband and I checked into the Super 8 in Ashland Oregon on 10/7/15. In the middle of the night I was awakened with sever itching all over my arms and part of my torso. The itching continued for the next few days and its miserable!
My husband didn't experience any itching, but on the night of 10/11/15 after returning home his back was covered with small bite marks. I went online to discover that we had both been exposed to bed bugs!! Horrors! Today, 10/12/15 we called the Super 8 in Ashl

and to report our room #203 needed was impacted with bed bugs.
I hope that they will recify this terrible condition before another unsuspecting person has to endure the itch and aggravation that comes with
bed bugs.

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We checked into a room and at approx. 1:00 am I felt a bed bug crawling on me. I woke up my family to check the beds and found at least 6 more living bed bugs, some of them engorged with blood. My children are ages 2, 5, and 8. The customer service rep first offered to move us to another room, but I told him that without plastic mattress covers, moving made no difference. I told him we'd rather check out and he refused to refund my money at first. After an hour or so of arguing with him he decid

ed he could check us out without charging us, which is all I wanted from the beginning. He was condescending and rude, as if I were over reacting about bed bugs crawling on my children. It was now 3:00 am and I had to pack up my family, put all of our clothes in plastic bags and find another hotel. Both the employee and myself left messages with the manager, Mukesh Patel, and I have yet to hear anything from him.

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Stayed here August 11 through 15. Found a bug the first evening but did not realize it was a bed bug. On the 13th began to see red spots on my body; these increased in number of the next couple of days. On the 15th found another bug; this time accurately identified it as a bed bug. By this point, had roughly two dozen bite marks on my body.

The owner claimed to have had the room inspected and said that nothing was found. However, it took a phone call to the customer care department of th

e chain to get a phone call from him at all, in spite of the numerous messages that I left begging for a phone call from either the owner or manager.

Also the owner was rude when I spoke with him about the problem and I caught him in an out and out lie.

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We stayed at this motel 4/16/2011...we were awaken about 2:00 am feeling something crawling on up and found bed bugs crawling around in the bedding. Killed approximate 5 of them and gave them to the manager....while offered aother room, we choose to leave the motel.

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