Residence Inn by Marriott London Ontario
383 Colborne St
London, ON N6B3P5

Found 2 reports:

Upon checking in I inspected the mattress. In the crevice at the bottom of the mattress I found digested blood meals (bed bug poop) and 3rd and 4th stage bed bug nymph exoskeletons (shed skin). I didn't need to inspect the rest of the mattress, that was all I needed to see. I checked out immediately.

I travelled to London Ontario on the 25th of September.. I stayed in residence inn.. i have been bitten so badly and m going to a dermatologist and I'll give u the reports.. I have a receipt with the night and they made discount it was suppose to be for 800 something they removed 500 I have picture and I have video as well.. That was the most disgusting experience I've ever had.. Plz report and inform ppl.. I wanted to post in trip advisor but they didn't post it and I donno y and I don't trust

trip advisor as well.. I am a gold member in Marriott and stayed for months in the one in Virginia and it was pleasant but that one in London Ontario was disgusting.. Do something about it.. Had interview and couldn't sleep the night before and after and had exam after and had to postpone it bcz I couldn't study for it bcz I couldn't sleep I spent my day cleaning my stuff and bought new suitcase for 99 dollars.. That was a waste of money time and health harming what if I had allergy.. I keep itching everywhere and god knows what there sheets had other than the bugs.. I have emails from them I can prove it in every single way.. Something should be done they should pay the price for this carelessness..

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