Super 8 Woodward Ok
4120 Williams Ave
Woodward, OK

Found 2 reports:

April 1-3, 2011 My husband and I sayed at the hotel. We didn't notice any bugs and the room was clean. The beds are full size and to small for both of us so we slept in seperate beds. My husband broke out about 3 days later in what looks like a mosquito attack. He has red raised bumps all over. We finally figured out it must be bed bugs. I went to this site to see if there were any reports and couldn't beleive that room 103, where we stayed, had a previous report. Avoid that room!

9-24-10 Saturday morning at 2:30 AM we checked into this motel. Being dog tired we literally fell into bed as soon as we got there. When my friend awoke around 10 AM and went to the bathroom she discovered a bed bug on her night gown and smashed it and of course it was full of blood. I became concerned and started checking out my bed and discovered many small spots on the sheets that looked like small dots of blood stains and also on the underside of the bedspread. I also found a really small d

ead bed bug in my bed. I really feel that this place must be infested. I did bring the dead bug with me wrapped in a tissue and looked at it closer under a magnifying glass when I got home and it is a bed bug. We were staying in room 103 that night.

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